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Welcome – Mphasis

Live in Future - Live in Cloud

Welcome you all at Subhendu’s Learning World with SFJ Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Our combined promise to bring the best in class learning experience to the most ultimate talents of Mphasis. Mphasis is a 1.4 Billion Dollar company providing best in class infrastructure technology and applications outsourcing services, as well as architecture guidance, application development and integration, and application management services to the world and we are here to give more strength to their core – YOU.

We will spend next 5 + 5 = 10 working days together to learn Azure. Microsoft Azure is one the best cloud in this universe and its reshaping the IT world. How we design – deploy – secure our IT is completely redesigned by Cloud.

Normally people ask how much time we need to learn the basic of Cloud? And the answer is pretty simple. Any IT person can learn Azure from 0 in 5 days if that person listen to his trainer (it could be anyone).

Microsoft Certified Trainers – We are always committed to provide the best training our students and Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

We are thankful to Mphasis L&D and SVJ team for this learning opportunity.

On the very first day we will create an Outlook ID and use the same for all the practicals. While creating outlook ID please use bellow format:

URL to create Outlook ID :

  • Email ID : MpasisStudent*
  • Password: Starbucks@1234

Please do not use any other username and password format. Create a new hotmail/outlook account to activate azure pass. Otherwise using an existing account will kill your pass and there is not way to bring it back and company may charge $100 get another one.

I will share Azure Pass with you and here is the way to Activate the Azure Pass. 

Please be very careful and contact with me before you touch Azure Pass:

If you perform without my permission and if it get locked then I need your supervisors approval to get another Azure Pass.

Azure MCAS, AIP and DLP is the core topic that we are covering at the moment:

Special on Microsoft 365 Defender:

At the moment we are on:

Implement modern device services (40-45%)
Plan device management
• • plan device monitoring
• • plan Microsoft Endpoint Manager implementation and integration with Azure AD
• • plan co-management between Endpoint Configuration Manager and Intune
• • plan for configuration profiles
Manage device compliance
• • plan for device compliance
• • plan for attack surface reduction
• • configure security baselines
• • configure device compliance policy
• • plan and configure conditional access policies

Manage security reports and alerts
o • evaluate and manage Microsoft Office 365 tenant security by using Secure
o • manage incident investigation
o • review and manage Microsoft 365 security alerts
Plan and implement threat protection with Microsoft 365 Defender
o • plan Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
o • design Microsoft Defender for Office 365 policies
o • implement Microsoft Defender for Identity
Plan Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
• plan information protection by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
o • plan policies to manage access to cloud apps
o • plan for application connectors
o • configure Cloud App Security policies
o • review and respond to Cloud App Security alerts
o • monitor for unauthorized cloud applications


What is upcoming:

Manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance (35-40%)
Plan for compliance requirements
o • plan compliance solutions
o • assess compliance
o • plan for and implement privileged access management
o • plan for legislative and regional or industry requirements and drive
Manage information governance
o • plan data classification
o • plan for classification labeling
o • plan for restoring deleted content
o • implement records management
o • design data retention labels and policies in Microsoft 365

Implement Information protection
o • plan an information protection solution
o • plan and implement sensitivity labels and policies
o • monitor label alerts and analytics
o • deploy Azure Information Protection unified labels clients
o • configure Information Rights Management (IRM) for workloads
o • plan for Windows information Protection (WIP) implementation
Plan and implement data loss prevention (DLP)
o • plan for DLP
o • configure DLP policies
o • monitor DLP
Manage search and investigation
o • plan and configure auditing
o • plan and configure eDiscovery
o • implement and manage insider risk management
o • design a Content Search solution

Simplicity is key of Being Happy. Pride of Money – Power – Beauty – is temporary and not worth. But Pride of knowledge stays forever and last long. You are about to join my Students Community – Where we believe in Learn Together – Grow Together philosophy. We push ourself and everyone to achieve the next level and never pull back anyone. This community is always with you. Br Proud of Being A Life Long Learner with ME.