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Day 1 of O365

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Day 1 of O365

Hello Everyone , Welcome in Day 1 of Office365 Training

  • Training Location : Infosys Hyderabad

  • Exam Code  : 70-347 (Enabling and Managing Office365)

Greetings to my unbelievable – extraordinary students across the globe . Right now I am in Infosys Hyderabad Campus . Spending a great week over here with great peoples . Sharing knowledge is another way to learn more . So I am in a process of learn more and empowering every person and organization in the planet to achieve more .

Thanks to Infosys for this great platform .

Today we will cover this three module .

Module 1: Planning and provisioning Office 365

Module 2: Managing Office 365 users and groups

Module 3: Configuring client connectivity to Microsoft Office 365


What is Office 365 ?

Ans : Office 365 is a another cloud implementation from Microsoft . It’s a PaaS . O365 is a combination of multiple products . Where the main product’s are Exchange Online, Share-point Online,Skype For Business , Office Pro Plus and Azure AD .


Subscription or how to start with ?

To use O365 at first you have to purchase a subscription . You can choose from a various number of options . Based on your requirement you can choose your subscription . Please Open this link and have a look of all subscription .


Home Subscription license is limited to 5 user , where personal is 1 user . Business user are limited to take 300 user subscription . Enterprise subscription has no limit . So we will focus on Enterprise subscription :-

What is the difference between E1 , E3 and E5 ?

Click on this link to get complete comparision table :

Most of the time we are confused in the difference between E3 and E5 ?

Ans :

How you can get a free subscription of O365 ?

Ans : At first create a hotmail or outlook email ID . To create a new outlook ID follow this link NEW OUTLOOK .

and the click here Link To Get a O365 Free Subscription . Fill all details – Create your subscription and use your subscription from .

Why we need a hotmail ID to create a office 365 subscription ?

While you will try to create a subscription you have to go through this page where you have to provide all your details . Here without providing e-mail ID you can not proceed to next step .




What is difference between “” and “” ? is a hotmail mail id that has been used to create a office365 subscription where “dheeraj” is the super user name and “” is the default domain name . This name is uqnic across the globe . After creating a subscription with default domain you can add your custom domain in office365 and you can work with that .

Hope you have created your new outlook ID and you have also created a new O365 subscription . Now open and play with your subscription .

User or Identities in O365 ?

First user that you have created or got at the time of subscription creation “” that user is global user or admin . Now you can create new user to admin for your O365 . User will use o365 subscription and admin people will manage them .

There are three kind of user that you create for O365 .

  1. Cloud ID
  2. Sync ID
  3. Federated ID

How can we create user  ?

Ans : You can create user in multiple way .

  1. O365 Admin portal
  2. Azure AD
  3. Powershell
  4. For bulk addition use .CSV file

This is the page from 0365 from where you can create user .

This the page of Azure AD . another option to create user for O365.

CSV File : You can export CSV file from any other application and import that in O365 :-

PowerShell :

What do you need to know before you begin?

  1. .NET 3.5 + (Click here if you want to download this version of .NET )
  2. Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW 
  3. Windows AD module for powershellInstall the the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell with these steps:
    • Open an administrator-level PowerShell command prompt.
    • Run the Install-Module MSOnline command.
    • If prompted to install the NuGet provider, type Y and press ENTER.
    • If prompted to install the module from PSGallery, type Y and press ENTER.
    • After installation, close the PowerShell command window.
  4.  Now type  “Connect-MSOlservice”

Do you have any issue Refer to ” THiIS LINK

PowerShell Syntax :

New-MsolUser -DisplayName <DisplayName> -FirstName <FirstName> -LastName <LastName> -UserPrincipalName <Account> -UsageLocation <CountryCode> -LicenseAssignment <AccountSkuID> [-Password <Password>]

Example :

New-MsolUser -DisplayName “Dheeraj Bhai” -FirstName Dheeraj -LastName Bhai -UserPrincipalName -UsageLocation US -LicenseAssignment blackcoffeelovers:ENTERPRISEPACK

Now let’s talk about Roles office365 :

User : Who will enjoy the benifit of O365 .

Global Administrator : Accesses all administrative features in the Office 365 suite of services in your plan, including Skype for Business. By default the person who signs up to buy Office 365 becomes a global admin.

Global admins are the only admins who can assign other admin roles. You can have more than one global admin in your organization. As a best practice we recommend that only a few people in your company have this role. It reduces the risk to your business.

Limited Admin : 


Now I am going to talk about Office365 group :

Gruop is a collection of user to perform cetern task together . It will contain a mail id to communicate .

New-MSolgroup is command powershell .


Us of Custom Domain and adding Custom Domain :

After creating a subscription with default domain we need to add custom domain so that we can get “” . Here is the process to add custom domain . Office 365 use TXT and MX record of your DNS server to verify your domain .

When you will be with this process . O365 will give two record to you and you have to record those record in your Public DNS server . Guys do not get confused in verifying domain name process .

While you will do the practical you will borrow a domain name from “*” and you have to create a DNS zone in your practice server .

DNS : Domain Naming Service , this is a service you can find in server operating system helps to resolve Domain Name .

DNS Server : A server that hold DNS Role. DNS server works based on records . Records is a set of information that helps DNS server to perform .

DNS Zone : A special segment in DNS server that holds records of either it’s own zone or another zone.

Primary Zone : Read write copy of DNS server.

Secondary Zone : Read only copy of primary zone.

Stub Zone : SOA,NS,Glue host record .


Multi-Factor Authentication : MultiFactor authentication is a process by which you secure your account . In backing site after providing user details , MFA server will send a authentication code to your phone or e-mail and based on that OTP(one time password) you will be authenticated to use portal or any application .

Lab Manual : 20347A-V2-LAK

Lab Notes : 20347A- Student Network Troubleshooting Guide

Thanks for your support . We are done with today’s class and successfully completed first three module . Tomorrow’s practical is a continuation of today’s practical . So if you have not done anything please complete that in night or before tomorrow , otherwise you will face challenges .





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