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What we don’t teach in class !!

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What we don’t teach in class !!

Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer I have delivered more than 300 batches across globe to different people and to different company’s . To be a better trainer/speaker I always follow Satya Nadella and other trainer’s . Learning from other’s is one of my key priority – because I know learning is a never ending process . During my training you have seen me to show demo after theory – and most of the time practical work without any issues. But behind the scene I have done the same practical 1000 times – and practice make perfect . So I believe you have enjoyed everything in my class . But that is not the case in production . Error is a daily part of production work and you have to learn to read error and solve those error .

I used to take feedback from each and every trainee to improve my training abilities . Apart from course materiel I used to share real time case studies with you and that’s very important to relate with production . Today i will share few key thing that we don’t teach in classroom :-

Notice little details of your Resources : During training resource creation and deletion is a very random process . Most of the time we missed small particle or details of a resource . But in production you have to be very serious about that .

Ticket : Follow ticket before create anything in portal .

Resource group selection : One of the basic and common question during training was “Should I create a new resource group or I should select a existing one one” . During production you have to consult with your senior may be supervisor about that . Because it’s very important .

Tagging : Provide right tag to your resources . Otherwise you will face problem to allocate budget .

Encrypt Disk : Don’t forget to encrypt the OS and DATA disk .

Create documentation : If you are performing any work in production environment you have a create a document for future use and you have to right down each and every steps that you have performed during that task .

No Public IP policy : Apart from DMZ zone or any special case you are not allowed to add a public IP with your VM . So if you are creating VM for your production please make sure you haven’t added public IP .

Right Resource Name : We don’t bother about naming convention in training . But in production that’s very important . So learn your company naming policy and follow the same to create resource in production .


to be continued …

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