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Azure Exam And Learning Path

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Azure Exam And Learning Path

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.45.14 AM.pngHi Friends , Hope you all are doing well. Today I will talk about Azure Exam and the learning path. Now let me give you the details of exam : 10-979 is the course code and this is fundamental of any further course . If you go through this course then you will have a very great fundamental knowledge of Cloud Computing and Azure and that is too important .

I am an IT pro , so for me 20-533 course is perfect and I provide training on this. I normally follow MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum). So if you are an IT like me then go for 10-979 and then move for 20-533 , but if you are a Dev then go for other courses.
By passing one of these exams you will earn a Microsoft Specialist certification.
So let me talk about 20-533 .
20-533 is designined for IT profesonal . people who are manageing datacenter or working as an Administrator may go for this course .
There are 11 Module in 20533C-Azure-Implementation MOC.
Module 1 :Introduction to Microsoft Azure
Module 2 :Implementing and managing Azure networking
Module 3 :Implementing virtual machines
Module 4 :Managing virtual machines
Module 5 :Implementing Azure App Service
Module 6 :Planning and implementing storage, backup, and recovery services
Module 7 :Planning and implementing Azure SQL Database
Module 8 :Implementing PaaS cloud services
Module 9 :Implementing Azure Active Directory
Module 10 :Managing an Active Directory infrastructure in a hybrid environment
Module 11 :Implementing Azure-based management and automation
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