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Live in Future - Live in Cloud

Slow Performance – Resolved

Hello Everyone !!! As you know we were facing slow performance of my website . After working for a long time I have resolved the issue with help of Microsoft Tech Community . The main issue was related to WordPress Theme . Here is the link from where I got help  :  

Let’s Make Data Management Easy ( SQL – No-SQL – CosmosDB)

Greetings to my Extra-Ordinary students across the GlobE . Today I am very excited to talk about Database and specially Azure CosmosDB . Azure CosmosDB its a ultimate database solution from Microsoft and it’s belongs from NO-SQL family . So , before talk about Azure CosmosDB let me tell you something about Data , Data…
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Implemented ChatBot In my WebSite

Hello Everyone , I have implemented ChatBot in my website . It’s really fun and nice . It’s under development but I will share how to create a chatbot and embed with a website . Please share your feedback . Thanks a lot.

Dewali Wish From ME

Its not Technical – But its Logical ** Imp for everybody

Another FAQ , Rules for a happy life : First of all rules means shortest version of someone’s experience. it mean you can make your own. Within time you will find your own rules. let me share 10 rules of my life : 1) Stay foolish – Stay Hungry , because I have lots of…
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Injuries in leg , not in mind . Will be speaking @ CLOUD SECURITY ALLIANCE | OWASP SUMMIT 2017  Cloud computing is the next generation IT. let’s be a part of mobile first cloud first world. Few hours to go… Posting from mobile..Avoid typing mistake.

Let’s Balance VM(IaaS) load through Load Balancer

Whenever we talk about workload in VM , Balancing load is a another factor , Azure provide load balancer to balance the load between VM’s or High Availability Group . Definition : Azure Load Balancer delivers high availability and network performance to your applications. It is a Layer 4 (TCP, UDP) load balancer that distributes incoming…
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Azure in 75 Days

If you have done training from me then you know what you can do with the help of Azure . It time to move . Here is your schedule for next 75 days . Open This URL and start reading about all azure products . For further help please reach to my Youtube channel or…
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