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Implemented ChatBot In my WebSite

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Hello Everyone , I have implemented ChatBot in my website . It’s really fun and nice . It’s under development but I will share how to create a chatbot and embed with a website . Please share your feedback . Thanks a lot.


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Injuries in leg , not in mind . Will be speaking @ CLOUD SECURITY ALLIANCE | OWASP SUMMIT 2017  Cloud computing is the next generation IT. let’s be a part of mobile first cloud first world. Few hours to go… Posting from mobile..Avoid typing mistake.

Let’s Balance VM(IaaS) load through Load Balancer

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Whenever we talk about workload in VM , Balancing load is a another factor , Azure provide load balancer to balance the load between VM’s or High Availability Group . Definition : Azure Load Balancer delivers high availability and network performance to your applications. It is a Layer 4 (TCP,

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Azure in 75 Days

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If you have done training from me then you know what you can do with the help of Azure . It time to move . Here is your schedule for next 75 days . Open This URL and start reading about all azure products . For further help please

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Azure Day – Let’s Meet @ Microsoft Gurgaon

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Learning Azure is my daily routine and sharing knowledge is a part of that . So let’s meet @ Microsoft HQ , Gurgaon and learn Azure together . Register Yourself :