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Understanding – “Azure” – Part II – Cloud Computing

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Understanding – “Azure” – Part II – Cloud Computing

Welcome @ Azure University….
Few days back I have wrote about Azure and few word about cloud computing. Today I will describe that from beginning so that you can understand each and every aspect of cloud computing.
What I thinkdatacenter.jpg cloud computing is advance part of Virtualization or extension of Virtualization . Let me tell you why ?
Before that let me tell you what is the traditional method of building a datacenter for any IT Organization. First company people look for a land and build there own building or rent a building and purchase server rack with compute,storage etc . To keep datacenter running they arrange electricity , internet , cooling and man power. Oviosusly to maintain all these thing company spend a huge money every month . But with time when the things became more famous people tried to cut the cost of physical server and tried to use hardware resource more , because in traditional datacenter use of hardware resource is not up to 100% . So make it balance people were looking for a solutions.
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.28.09 PM.png This is a sample architecture of traditional datacenter and you can see that every server working individually and no hardware resource is sharing between them and use of hardware resource is not more than  40% .
“Use of hardware resource” is not only the problem that people move to virtual environment . There are so many other problem with this , like :
  1. If hardware fail , that server will goes down and it will impact a lot in infra.
  2. More space required to keep the server
  3. More cooling required to keep server cool
  4. To make redundancy or high availability need to purchase more physical server.
  5. Required more man power to manage all physical server and connectivity .. ETC…
To solve all this problems Virtualization came in the picture . Using this concept people got a very great way to use there hardware resources more and make the things happen.
So let me tell you how its work. This is a sample architecture of a virtualized datacenter and you can see that using Hyper-V (Virtualization software from Microsoft ) system admin created virtual machine intense and top of it they have created there server and install role on it.
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.41.23 PM.pngIf you look at the architecture you will see that there are same server running on a datacenter but the hardware resource that has been uses that is lesser and use of hardware resources is high.
So this is how Virtualization came in the existence and make our life simpler . Now the question is “what is cloud ? ” and “how cloud is related with Virtualization ? ” Let’s say we have our own datacenter and our employee/customer is using that for there work. From this situation if we add few benefit that will be a example of cloud .
So what those benefits are ?
  1. Not -Transparency
  2. On-Demand
  3. Self-Provisioning
Really ?? Yes, You are using a ” a Software , a Infra or a Platform ” as a service through Internet/Intranet and that is on demand , self provisioned and not transparent – this is Cloud . Microsoft provide “System Center Suite” to make a cloud environment and mentation that environment . So what will be the benefit of making cloud environment of a datacenter? Ans is , Your employee/customer will use the facility of datacenter but where the datacenter is that they will never come to know , we can delegate our task to them and they can prepare the environment according to there need. So cloud is divide into three part based on in tenant or who is consuming that service . One is Private , 2nd is Public and third is Hy-Bride.
Public : When multiple tenant using one cloud service . That is a public cloud , like Microsoft – Azure , Amazon – AWS etc.
Private : When one single tenant using one cloud service or that could is not share to anyone .
Hy-Bride : Combination of any two cloud service . Like : Public+Public , Public+Private , Private+Public.
In a easy word , if you own a private car/cloud you will be completely responsible to maintain that car/cloud and you can use that car personally as you want . Or you can use Public Bus/Cloud where you will use that service and you will pay-as-you go and service provider/Bus Owner will be responsible to maintain that Cloud/Bus.
So at conclusion , Azure is a Public Cloud from Microsoft . Where Microsoft is the provider and we/company are consumer .
Benefit of Azure :
  1. Pay-As-You-Go
  2. Pay only for that – what you used
  3. 32 – DataCenter Location accross the globe
  4. You can create your extended infrastructure or New infra with-in few minute
  5. Cross Platform Development
  6. Linus/Ubuntu supported VM
  7. High Speed storage
  8. Multiple Geo Location
  9. Best disaster recovery and back-up solutions
  10. You can use your subscription from anywhere or from any device
This is not end here . Azure is the next generation infra…
Thanks for reading my blog , will post something new very soon ..

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