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HPC – High Performance Computing

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HPC – High Performance Computing

Greeting to my unbelievable – extraordinary student’s across globe .

I believe you heard about HPC – High Performance Computing within Azure . But it may be you haven’t tried the test of HPC . So , today I will talk about HPC – High Performance Computing within Azure .

First of all what is HPC and why we need HPC ? Answer is very simple ,let’s say we have an application or workload that need huge computing resource like 1000 GB of RAM+ or more than that , normal computing size can’t provide that resource to you so you have switch to HPC computing set .

This Cluster set will be divided into two part . One is Head Node and 2nd is Compute Node () . Head node will receive the load and it will distribute among all nodes .

These Big Compute workloads include engineering design and analysis, financial risk calculations, image rendering, complex modeling, Monte Carlo simulations, and more.

Usecase of HPC :-

Engineering applications

Graphics and rendering

AI and deep learning

Deployment Guide (Master Node) :-

For further help :

This is self deployment process . If you want you can use HPC template to create a HPC cluster within Azure.


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