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Serverless Computing – Azure Functions

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Serverless Computing – Azure Functions

Serverless Computing – Azure Functions

“Serverless Computing” – is new method of running custom application in cloud . Azure provide “Azure Functions” to do serverless computing within Azure . It’s look like Platform As A Service or PaaS and it’s similer but it’s more powerful . 

Let’s understand it with an example . I am a owner of Photo Blogging website . Whenever someone upload a photo in my website , , photo need to be resized , compress without destroying the photo quality , Then I need to save that photo to OneDrive/Azure Blob and one thumble will be posted in my website . In this complete scenario to host the website we can use PaaS but to perform complex task we need to need bring virtual machine within picture . Here serverless computing can replace that VM . I can write down the code and I can upload the same code in Azure Function . Azure Function will resize the Image for me . let’s say I want to perform multiple task at a same time – then I have to use Azure Logic App . Logic App is a codeless scheduler . 

Let’s make it short and simple :- 

Serverless Computing a concept of running a task/application/code within cloud but without using Virtual Machine .

Azure Functions is a product or service from Microsoft that bring the same thing within Azure . Means it’s an example of ServerLess Computing .

Azure Logic App is workplace where you can design your workflow . Like running multiple Azure Functions at a same time.

I will post the Demo in a separate post .

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