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Restore VM from Azure Backup (Encrypted)

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Restore VM from Azure Backup (Encrypted)

Restoring VM from azure backup is a very important task if we face any trouble with VM or environment . Please follow this step by step process to recover VM from Azure Backup . 

Due to policy and security I have removed VM name / Network Name / Subnet or any other details . Sorry for the in-convenience .

This is the VM , which is protected through Azure Backup . 

Go to backup option and click on “Restore VM” …

Then Select the right restore point .


Then click on “OK”

Then Azure will ask for Resource Group name and storage account name as location to restore the disk . 

Once you provide all information azure will restore your disk .



Once you have the disk please click on deploy template .

then you will get this JSON deployment page . Provide all information as needed .

And here is your final VM .

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