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Azure AD Domain Service – Scratch to Expert

Greetings!! Download this PDF file and read thoroughly . I have tried to explain from beginning and you will find step by step guidance to setup Azure AD domain service . CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE THE JOURNEY :Azure AD Domain Service , is an offering from Microsoft to gain advantages of Domain specific…
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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Day 1

Greetings !! This is that time of year when “Idea take shapes and Get a name” . Innovation is always highest priority of Microsoft and they are committed to deliver something new to this world each and every year . Hope you understand I am talking about “Microsoft Ignite 2019” . One of the biggest…
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How to tag 1000+ resources ? Bulk Tagging

Being an architect another job is to define tagging policy if its not there in place . And it’s very simple work to decide what is the best possible way to tag resources if have gone through my last tagging post . Now let’s talk about how to deploy tagging in azure .   If…
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Copy Data from/to Azure FileShare/Blob to Any Destination .

Command is very simple : Azcopy copy SourceSASURL DestinationPath –recursive   Sample Command : azcopy copy “” “F:\New Folder” –recursive

Removing VM from Availability Set ?? – It’s possible , BUT !!!

Greetings !!   During class I talk abut VM and application availability . availability set and availability  zone is best way to provide maximum availability  to our infrastructure . As we know we can’t configure HA after the VM creation . Recommendation is create the availability set first then create VM and select that exiting…
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Azure Tagging || Tag Azure Resources For Easy Manageability

Greetings !!!   If you are an architect of any company then you may face challenges to review tagging solutions in your company . From initial view tagging is very easy and configuring tagging is literally 2 click work . But designing tagging for a company is neither 2 click job nor it’s one day…
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Restore VM from Azure Backup (Encrypted)

Restoring VM from azure backup is a very important task if we face any trouble with VM or environment . Please follow this step by step process to recover VM from Azure Backup .  Due to policy and security I have removed VM name / Network Name / Subnet or any other details . Sorry…
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File Level Backup From Encrypted VM or Encrypted Recovery Point

So being a global admin of EA subscription you have to check backup health ,  perform DR drill or you have test your DR capabilities periodically  . Means the RTO and RPO testing in real time . Whenever we talked about high availability we consider ( Availability Zone / Availability Set + Backup + DR…
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Azure Bastion – Get connected with your VM through portal

Use azure preview portal for this . Link :

All Azure policy in one place

You may tried to find all azure policy in one place in simple text . But you haven’t found that one and that happened with me as well . So I spend hours to create one . Here is the list of all Azure Policy in one place . Here is all built-in policy :-…
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