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Out Of Syllabus – Microsoft Azure Government

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Out Of Syllabus – Microsoft Azure Government

In today’s dynamic and changing U.S Public Sector environment, many federal, state and local agencies are being asked to find more effective ways to engage with their citizens and to achieve better cross-agency collaboration.  At the same time, their IT organizations need to become more agile, minimize datacenter investments, and maximize existing investments by adopting a hybrid cloud approach while still meeting higher levels of security, privacy and compliance requirements.  Azure Government is the next step in Microsoft’s One Government cloud evolution to help U.S. government organizations meet these challenges.

The cloud platform designed to meet US government demands
1.   Physical and logical network-isolated instance of Azure
2.   Dedicated to US government with all data, applications and hardware residing in the continental United States
3.   Broad range of compliance certifications critical to US government
4.   US datacentres located more than 500 miles apart, providing true geographic redundancy
5.   Support for hybrid scenarios, as well as a vast array of services, programming languages and tools
6.   Part of the complete Microsoft Cloud for Government solution

Azure Government is a government-community cloud (GCC) designed to support strategic government scenarios that require speed, scale, security, compliance and economics for U.S. government organization.   It was developed based on Microsoft’s extensive experience delivering software, security, compliance, and controls in other Microsoft cloud offerings such as Azure public, Office 365, O365 GCC, Microsoft CRM Online etc.
In addition, Azure Government is designed to meet the higher level security and compliance needs for sensitive, dedicated, U.S. Public Sector workloads found in regulations such as United States Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), Department of Defense Enterprise Cloud Service Broker (ECSB), Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

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