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Azure Product Details – VM,SQL,APP Service,Storage

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Azure Product Details – VM,SQL,APP Service,Storage

Welcome @ Azure University…
As I promised that , I will share all details about Azure Products and here is the first post of that. Today I will talk about Virtual Machine , App Service , SQL database and about Storage.
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  1. Virtual Machines : Virtual machine in Azure console is example of Cloud IaaS service . You can create virtual machine and work on that . In our home / testing environment we install VMware workstation or Hyper-V and create VM and work on that. but those VM’s are hardware dependent and not accessible from internet . If you deploy multiple VM in your system your base machine could be slow down. So I think Azure is the best option . For company testing environment Azure VM is great option because they will pay for what they use – Not extra. There is a another concept called “Lift-And-Shift” – where anyone lift on-premises workload and shift that to Azure VM. Actually this is a migration strategy .
Benefit to use Azure VM : 
  1. Get more choice
  2. Scale to what you need
  3. Pay only for what you use
  4. Enhance security and compliance
Want to know how to create Azure VM ? Click Here
2. App Service : App service is a another product of Azure . Appservice is a good example of cloud SaaS . You can use App service to host your website and Application like Mobile apps and Web Apps . When you use App Service, you can create a web app or choose from a wide range of common web applications, including WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, and others. Alternatively, you can upload a custom web application from Microsoft Visual Studio or another web developer tool. In this module, you will learn how to implement and manage highly scalable app services. Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.48.55 PM.png
You can create your own apps and publish that apps in internet. 
3. SQL database : SQL database in Azure console is example of Cloud PaaS service . You can use SQL database to create database and store that in cloud. Your database will always online and 100% secure . You just need a SQL management console to manage that database – thats all. See my other post to know about SQL database.4Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.58.49 AM.png
4. Storage : Storage is another important part of computing . If we don’t have sufficient storage we will not be able to store our data . Data could be Files,Picture,Video or anything. Azure gives us multiple way to attach storage with our daily task .Microsoft Azure Storage services provide a range of options for storing and accessing data. The core services consist of four storage types : Blobs, Tables, Queues, and Files. Additionally, Microsoft Azure offers storage capabilities to facilitate recovery and to assist customers with implementing their business continuity and disaster recovery objectives. These services include Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is another storage-related service whose primary goal is to improve the performance of web applications and services by hosting data in locations that are close to consumers.
IT professionals can provision and manage Azure Storage services by using several tools and interfaces, including the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, and open source and third-party command-line and graphical utilities. In this post I will talk about that.
• Blobs : These typically represent unstructured files such as media content, virtual machine disks, backups, or logs. Blobs facilitate locking mechanism, ensuring exclusive file access that IaaS virtual machines require. There are three types of blobs. The first one, known as a block blob, is optimized for sequential access, which is ideal for media content. The second one, referred to as a page blob, offers superior random access capabilities, which is best suited for virtual machine disks. The third one, referred to as an append blob, applies to data append operations, without the need to modify existing content. This works best with logging and auditing activities.
There are two tiers of page blob storage : Standard and Premium. Premium Storage offers superior performance because of its reliance on solid-state drive (SSD) technology. A standard storage account uses traditional hard disk drives.
• Tables : These host non-relational and partially structured content, which consists of multiple rows of data with different sets of properties. In the context of Azure Table storage, these rows are referred to as entities. Developers frequently implement table storage as the backend data store for App Service or PaaS cloud services.
• Queues : These are temporary storage for messages that Azure services commonly use to asynchronously communicate with each other. In particular, in distributed applications, a source component sends a message by placing it in a queue. The destination component works though the messages in the queue one at a time.
• Files : Similar to blobs, these provide storage for unstructured files, but they offer support for file sharing in the same manner as traditional on-premises Windows file shares.
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Thanks for visiting my blog. Will post next part very soon. 

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