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Docker – Future of Virtualization !!

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Docker – Future of Virtualization !!

Virtualization – change the the form factor of our IT industry and Docker is a another way to do it . Creating VM and installing services is no more effective . Because in VM at first we have to deploy OS and then we can install any application or native application . So what is the solution ? Solution is Docker .

Docker is a new concept for me . So I am starting with basic concept of Docker . Azure provide container service that work with docker . So at first let’s understand the base concept of Docker .

First of all , Docker is a Software or Application . That you can download from internet and install in your windows/mac computer . But if you are working with windows server 2016 then you will get docker out of the box. 

Now the question is what is docker ? What is the benefit of it ?

Let’s talk about normal system where we install lots of application . All the applications are installed in one location and use a set of system files and installed resource . Let’s say we want to run an application that need .Net 4.5 , so we have to install .Net 4.5 but what if we want to install multiple .Net version in a same computer ? That is not possible unless until we take help of virtualization – VM . But still that is not completely okay . Because it use huge amount of hardware resource/space/time to create VM and take long time to start the infra.

But  Docker create container that build with set of system resource or LIB/DLL files and deploy as a process – where you will build/install your application it will build inside of docker container .

This architecture is for MAC computer . Where docker create a virtual-box with Linux kernel and deploy docker top of it.

Docker mainly create with Three component .

1) Docker Engine : Build the environment
2) Docker Client : Help to manage the environment
3) Docker Registry : Place where we can find docker image .

Let’s say I want work with IIS 7 and IIS 8 . I can install Hyper-V and I can create two VM and top of I can install IIS 7 and IIS 8 . in this case the size of each VM will be more then 10 GB . But if we use docker with nano server image the size will be not more then 300 mb and this is easy to move within same environment .

Will come back soon with practical session . Thanks for visiting my blog.

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